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Our Firm

We are a boutique consultancy providing compliance and other ​professional services to financial institutions in Hong Kong since ​2015. We pride ourselves in offering pragmatic solutions enabled ​by the unique combination of buy and sell side experience within ​investment banks, legal and operational expertise within our ​team as well as our insight from dealing with the SFC.

Our Philosophy

We want to make your life easier. At Alpha Calibration, we believe in expanding our services to match the evolving needs of our clients. By offering a wider range of services underpinned by in-house technology solutions, we can offer competitive pricing and better value to our clients. We are committed to providing clients with a pragmatic platform to grow their business.


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Legal and Compliance

Solutions to help you navigate Hong Kong's regulatory environment

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Alpha: Start

Services to help financial start ups establish SFC licensed entities

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Looking ahead and using

the power of foresight for future-readiness

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Finance and Accounting

Book keeping, FRR and accounting services

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Fund Services

Administrative and middle office services including CRS/FATCA reporting for funds

Business Center Towers Composition

Corporate Services

Company Secretarial service for compliance clients

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Online and in-person CPT qualifying training

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Legal and Compliance

Licensing - SFC

Alpha Calibration can help you decide on the right license and best approach for obtaining these licenses considering your resources and timeframes. We will prepare and submit your application as well as liaise with the SFC with regards to your application.

As your business evolves, so will your licensing needs. We can help you administer changes to your licensed activities, Licensed Representatives and Responsible Officers.

Ongoing Compliance Support and Record Keeping

We can help you monitor, update and implement regulatory driven changes within your organisation. We can also help you with your record-keeping needs to help you meet your statutory compliance obligations.


  • Creating and updating policies and procedures
  • Personal account dealing monitoring and record keeping
  • SFC approvals, notifications and liaison
  • MIC record keeping
  • Inspection and audit preparation
  • Monthly FRR calculations
  • CPT training and tracking


Regulatory Filings

As your business evolves, certain changes will require SFC approval or notifications. Alpha Calibration can support you through this process allowing you to concentrate on your core operations.


With our understanding of compliance issues and law, we can help you review, negotiate and draft agreements essential for your business. Documents include (not exclusive to) NDAs, Account opening forms, risk disclaimers, ISDA, GMSLA, Prime Brokerage Agreements.

Policies and Procedures

We can review or create and update your policies and procedures to ensure your firm’s policies are up to date with regulatory requirements.

Continuous Professional Training (CPT)

Alpha Calibration can help you track your licensee’s CPT progress to ensure they meet regulatory obligations. We can also provide CPT qualifying training seminars in person, virtually or via our compliance portal.

Compliance Reviews and Audits

Compliance reviews and audits can be provided to help you prepare for a regulatory audit and help you identify and minimize areas of non-compliance.

Other licensing

We have also supported clients with licensing matters relating to TCSP, MSO, MSB, IA in various jurisdictions. Please contact us directly should you have any enquiries about this.

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AML Tool

Alpha Calibration clients have access to Alpha Calibration’s proprietary AML screening and risk reporting platform where you are able to perform your own risk screening and customize your risk reports.

AML / KYC outsourced solutions

We provide client onboarding services according to the SFC’s Guideline on AML and CFT. You will receive AML risk assessments for each client to help you manage your AML risk. We also provide customized AML/KYC screening services for cryptocurrency clients.

AML appointments for Cayman Funds

For Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regulated funds, we are able to support you with CIMA regulatory requirements.


  • CIMA licensing
  • Compliance Officer, AMLRO and AMLDRO appointments
  • Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) annual reporting.
  • Fund annual return
  • CIMA notifications for changes to your business
  • Internal audit framework of controls and infrastructure
  • Client onboarding


AML policies

To ensure that your AML policies and procedures are up to date, Alpha Calibration will help you monitor developments in this area and update your policies and requirements as and when required.

AML audits

We can conduct independent audits on your AML processes to ensure these are effective and in accordance to regulatory requirements. You will be provided with a report containing a summary of the areas evaluated and points for remediation.

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Finance and Accounting

Accounting and Bookkeeping

By engaging Alpha Calibration for both your compliance and accounting needs, you’ll save time and money. We can offer a streamlined and efficient approach to your bookkeeping, accounting and monthly Financial Resource Rules (FRR) reporting needs.


FRR rules are designed to ensure capital adequacy for regulated firms in Hong Kong. We are able to support you in this area by calculating your firm’s FRR and/or checking your FRR calculations and providing advice on capital adequacy.

Tax Return Filing

Once your financial statements have been finalized, we can help prepare your tax returns.

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Fund Services

fund formation

Our familiarity with funds and prime brokerage services means that we are able to manage and coordinate your fund formation process in different jurisdictions, including the Cayman Islandss. We have worked with local and international counsel to help set up a variety of funds for different types of investors and investments.

Our experience includes includes establishing exempted companies, acting as company secretary and providing registered offices as well as preparing the necessary marketing documentation such as the private placement memorandum.

fund administration

Our fund services are designed to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized funds and are supported by in-house developed systems to provide value for money to our clients.


  • Investor onboarding
  • AUM and NAV calculations
  • iAccounting and reporting
  • Investor statements
  • Fund compliance
  • CRS/FATCA reporting


portfolio management systems

We have developed tools for trade reconciliations.

Our approach to designing middle office solutions is focused on cost-effectiveness and pragmatism. We achieve this by developing solutions in-house which enables us to focus on core features and functionalities to save costs. This in turn, facilitates better pricing options for our clients.

CRS/FATCA/AEOI reporting

Ongoing taxation initiatives and international coordination between government authorities requires firms to identify and collect the tax information of their customers and to report them.

We are able to support your business in preparing and completing your annual CRS/FATCA submissions including determining tax classifications of firms and funds for reporting purposes.

If you work a fund administrator that does not provide CRS/FATCA support, we can collaborate with them to meet your reporting obligations.

Cayman Fund Services

For Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regulated funds, we are able to support you with CIMA regulatory requirements.


  • Cayman company incorporation
  • CIMA licensing
  • Compliance Officer, AMLRO and DMLR​O appointment​s
  • Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) annua​l reporting​.
  • Fund annual retur​n
  • Internal audit framework of controls an​d infrastructure (as per circular 3rd Jan​)
  • CIMA notifications for changes to your busines​s
  • Client onboardin​g


Business Center Towers Composition

Corporate Services

Hong Kong Company Secretarial services

As a value-added service to existing Alpha Calibration clients, we offer company secretary services at special rates. We are licensed to support you with your business requirements.


  • Company incorporation and registrations
  • Company secretary services including filing annual returns, approvals and notifications to the Company Registry relating to changes in your business structure.
  • Maintaining registers (including significant controllers register)
  • Share transfers
  • Trademark registration
  • Registered Office


Offshore Company registration and corporate services

We are able to work with company secretaries / agents in various jurisdictions such as the BVI and Cayman’s to support your corporate service requirements.

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Compliance TRAINING

We can also provide CPT qualifying training seminars in person, virtually or via our compliance portal.

More About Us


Mr. Julian Lim

Julian Lim is a qualified solicitor of England and Wales and Malaysia as well as a CFA charterholder.

He has worked at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Societe Generale, and advised on a variety of compliance issues across many jurisdictions in Asia and Europe. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer of various fund and wealth management institutions since 2013.


Ms. Yann Wong

Yann holds an Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree and an MBA (Dist.) from Imperial College, London. Prior to AC, she specialised in the medical insurance industry covering Europe and Asia with a focus on market development and delivering onshore regulated solutions. Today, Yann works on streamlining operations and in delivery of special projects.


We are always on the search for talent to join our growing team.

At Alpha Calibration, we believe in providing an intellectually stimulating environment in which team members can explore different aspects of compliance and have the opportunity to participate in decisions that will help us shape our business.

If you are a dynamic and motivated individual with a legal or accounting and finance background and are looking to join an international team, please email us at:

We also provide internships for law students.

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21A, World Trust Tower,

50 Stanley​ Stre​et, Central, Hong Kong

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(852) 3620 3576